All 4’s Opposite Arm and Leg with Hamstring Curls

On your hands and knees. With tight abs (bracing), extend one leg behind you with a straight knee, toes pointing straight down, one inch off the ground. Keep the back flat and the hips level. Keep face down, looking towards ground. Raise the opposite side arm out to the side with the elbow bent to 90º and palm facing down. Keep elbow in line with your shoulder. Bend the knee, curling your heel to buttocks. Keep your back flat and hips level (bracing). Only your lower leg should move with each repetition, not your thigh.

  • Keep knee straight when you touch ground with to each repetition.
  • Maintain a stable trunk during entire exercise.
  • Prevent back arching

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About the Author: Stephen McCain is an Olympic and Hall of Fame gymnast.

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