Back Extension

Place yourself on the back extension machine so that your heels are up against the pad and the support part ends about 6 inches below your umbilicus (belly button) to allow the waist to bend to 90o (trunk perpendicular to the ground).  Cross your arms in front of your chest, keep your knees straight and drop your torso down as far as is comfortable while maintaining good spinal posture (a straight back).  Slowly raise your trunk until your body reaches a straight line, using mostly your gluteals and hamstrings.  Don’t allow your torso to raise higher than you leg

  • Do NOT hyper-extend back
  • When getting out, pull both feet out at the same time
  • When upright make sure you are not too dizzy
  • If you have abnormal blood pressure, be very cautious about doing this exercise.

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About the Author: Stephen McCain is an Olympic and Hall of Fame gymnast.

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