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Position 1

Dead Bug

While lying on your back, knees bent and feet flat on floor, start with right arm on mat beside your head and left arm at your side. While maintaining a neutral spine position, lift left leg to 90º. Now reverse arm and leg positions by moving all extremities simultaneously. Return to start position; this is [...]


Standing Toe Raises

In the beginning, stand next to a wall with fingertip touch for balance, perform toe raise by rising up on the toes and lowering, no hold. Eventually, do exercise away from the wall. Do not rock back onto the heels when you come down off your toes. Always wear shoes


Cable Hip Flexion

Connect one leg to floor-level cable. Stand about 3 feet away from the machine, facing away from it. Keep standing leg bent. Begin with working leg extended behind you with your foot pointing towards the floor. Bring the knee up in front of you to 90 degrees, with a 90-degree angle in the hip. As [...]


Leg Press

On leg press machine, place your feet on the plate so that your toes are higher than your knees, and your feet are hips width apart. Press through your heels. Straighten your legs but do NOT lock your knees.  Lower until your knees are at 90 degrees.


Prone Hamstring Curl

Use hamstring machine, taking care to align knee joint with axis of rotation on machine. Using only one leg at a time, curl heel to buttock. Do all reps on one leg before switching legs. (Not alternating).


Cable Triceps

Connect handle or towel to upper cable. If possible, set cable arm to 11 o’clock position. Pull down and begin with elbows bent at 90 degrees. Keep elbows stable and tucked at your sides. Extend arms straight, pause, and then return to beginning position. Keep back straight Do not lean forward


Cable Biceps Curl

Using floor-level cables, stand facing away from machine with knees slightly bent, shoulder blades held down and back, abdominals firm, and tubing handles in your hands with the palms turned inward. Do one arm at a time, alternating arms with each rep. Curl biceps, twisting arm inward (supinating) so palm is facing chest at the [...]


Cable Hip Adduction

Connect one leg to floor-level cable. Stand so that the connected leg is closer to the machine than the free leg, and hold onto something for balance. Keep the standing leg bent and the working leg locked straight, foot flexed toward head. Without twisting at the hips, bring working leg in front of your body, [...]


Cable Hip Extension

Connect one leg to floor-level cable. Stand facing machine, holding onto something for balance. Begin with leg in front of you, and then extend leg behind you, squeezing gluteus muscle. Pause and then return to beginning position. Keep both knees bent and caution against swinging your leg. Maintain control.


Seated Toe Raises

First do Standing Calf Stretch with Bent Leg. Sit on machine and then place knees under pads. (If the pads are too high and cannot be adjusted, put some weight plates or other type of step under your feet.) Rise up on the toes and lower, with no hold. Repeat Standing Calf Stretch with Bent [...]