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Chin Tuck End

Chin Tuck

Place fingers on your chin, and gently push your head back, keeping it level. Your head should not tilt up or down, rather straight back. Make a double chin Elongate or flatten your neck in back Keep head level

Cross Chest

Cross Chest

Place left arm in front of body at chest height. With your right arm, pull the left arm across your body, holding at the triceps, not the elbow. Keep the shoulder down and relaxed. Be cautious to not pull arm down too hard Keep shoulders square

Penguin Start


Stand with the back of your fists at the top of your buttocks, palms facing backwards. Pull your elbows forward. Do not curl your shoulders forward. Keep shoulders down More knuckles to outer pelvis then pull elbows forward if you don’t feel the stretch.

Normal Way

Overhead Triceps

Raise your left arm up overhead, bending the elbow so the hand is behind your neck. With the right arm, pull the elbow back and towards the right, behind your head. Stretch the back of the left arm and along the side of your shoulder blade. Repeat for right arm as well. To get more [...]

Standing Upper Trap

Standing Upper Trap

Place your right arm behind your back and grab your right wrist with your left hand. Pull your right arm gently down and to the left. Bring your chin down to your chest, then rotate to the left and look towards your armpit. Bring the head back to the middle then up. Repeat on opposite [...]


Pec Stretch

Make a fist and place your hand with thumb side up on a wall or door-frame level with the top of your head. Take a step forward with the same side leg to get a stretch at the front of your shoulder and chest. Keep the torso upright end eyes looking forward. Keep hips and [...]

Standing Biceps Begin

Standing Biceps

Stand with your back to a pole or the edge of a doorframe with your legs together. Reach behind you to hold the door frame/pole with your r ight arm as high as you can (without pain) without altering your posture. Slowly bend your knees and lower your body into a squat position to cause [...]


Standing Knee to Chest

Stand an arm’s distance from a surface that is approximately mid-thigh in height. Keep the foot on the ground pointing forward. Put your right foot up onto the surface and lunge forward as deep as possible. “Bounce” forward 3 times then bring your torso back. Repeat 3 times on same side to rotate the pelvis [...]

Standing Hamstring

Standing Hamstring

Stand with your feet pointing straight ahead. Put heel of one leg up on a knee high surface (or lower). Keep a flat back and bend forward at the hips. Keep the foot on the ground pointing forward and the raised foot pointing up. Should feel the stretch at back of the thigh. Think about [...]


Standing Adductor

Put the heel of one leg up on a knee high surface (or lower), then pivot the supporting leg and trunk outward to 90 degrees. Keep your back straight as you side bend over the raised leg. Think about pulling your buttocks back as you bend at the hips To get more of a stretch [...]