Childhood Diabetes

A diagnosis of diabetes can be shocking and overwhelming for parents and children, but it doesn’t have to be. Well-managed diabetes should not prevent your child from participating in activities other kids enjoy. In fact, with the Phase IV fitness and nutrition program, your children can adopt a lifestyle with adequate physical activity and proper nutrition for both Type I and II diabetes, and get your child into their best shape ever.

Phase IV has developed a solution so children can take control of their diabetes. Through nutritional education and increased exercise levels, insulin sensitivity is enhanced, more consistent glycemic control is achieved, and further complications are limited. We want your kids to feel great about themselves, both physically and mentally.

As a multidisciplinary team, we work closely with your child’s physician to develop their program and make sure all aspects are aligned to meet their needs.

We start the program by having you and your child meet with a Phase IV Registered Dietitian to review blood sugar control, teach you how to monitor blood sugar, how to treat blood sugar highs and lows. The program then takes a close analytical look at your child’s diet, insulin doses or medications if applicable, and physical activity and corresponding blood sugar levels. Your child’s diet will be analyzed for any nutrient deficiencies or excess depending on their needs. We also take a close look at your child’s physical activities to make sure that they have the right balance of fuels and insulin to be able to participate in any sport they like.

Phase IV Exercise Physiologists and Physical Therapists work together to re-establish or refine a safe and effective program of aerobic activities and appropriate strength and flexibility exercise to create a balanced overall fitness. The very same methodology utilized at Phase IV to improve fitness and physiological function in all our clients is not only well suited to meet your child’s fitness needs, but absolutely essential in solving their problems with diabetes.

Phase IV Exercise Physiologists use metabolic fitness testing to created specifically targeted aerobic exercise training intensities. Continuous aerobic exercise serves to enhance insulin sensitivity, and improve the muscle cells preference to burn fats as a primary energy source therefore creating more consistent glycemic control and limit future complications.

Physical Therapists work with your child to create an appropriate safe and effective strength and flexibility program designed to create lean body mass (muscle) which serves to not only burn more calories but also prevent injuries and maximize performance and enjoyment of their sport or athletic activity.

Benefits include:

  • A healthier and higher quality of life for you and your child
  • Avoiding long-term complications of diabetes
  • Improved focus in the classroom and at play
  • Improved productivity
  • Decreased irritability
  • Your child will feel better, happier, and more self-confident
  • Ensures your child is ready to learn and participate in all school and social activities

Phase IV offers:

  • Accurate aerobic exercises determined through Phase IV Metabolic Testing to get your kids to burn fat as a primary energy source
  • Periodized Weight Training programs specifically developed for your child by a Physical Therapist to help get them stronger and leaner
  • If your child has a particular sport interest, the weight-training program will be designed to help improve their performance in that specific sport
  • A secure environment where kids have the proper equipment to build self-confidence
  • Accurate dietary assessment
  • Comprehensive individual and family nutrition education by a Registered Dietitian