If you are like most Americans, your doctor has probably prescribed better eating and exercise habits to manage and reverse health risks. But where do you start? What kind of exercise? How often? You may know what to eat and not to eat, but probably don’t know how to construct a dietary program to suit your needs. At Phase IV Health & Performance Center we provide science-based answers to these questions, designing a program for you based specifically on your own personal physiology, genetics and metabolism.

If doctors tell you what you ought to do, at Phase IV we’ll teach you how to do it! Our experienced staff of Registered Dietitians and Performance Specialists have practical knowledge to provide personalized nutritional planning strategies. We focus on the interplay between your personal physiology, activities and your diet.

The pursuit of a healthy body and lifestyle calls for a meaningful blend of nutrition and activities to transform your metabolism into a better fat burning machine. You’ll become a “Better Butter Burner”! What’s unique about Phase IV is our thorough understanding of the intricate synergistic relationship between diet and exercise in weight loss and enhanced physiological function. Whether you are looking for foods to lose weight, or fuel your activities, our rule is simplification. We decipher the science of your personal physiology to unlock the secrets of how your body responds to diet and exercise, and then translate this knowledge into a practical and permanent lifestyle change. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, creating the body you’ve always wanted.