Phase IV Life Performance Program

The dizzying pace of everyday life can cause a constant roadblock for you to fully realize your personal health and fitness potential. There is always something else taking priority. Even with the volumes of information available, simple answers are difficult to find.

At Phase IV we understand this. We utilize the leading science and most innovative technologies to create a safe and time effective approach to diet and exercise, and accomplish it injury-free. It all begins with a full understanding of your own body. The Phase IV Life Performance Program enables you to redefine your relationship with your body, helping you regain control of its workings and understand its’ needs. Proprietary structural and metabolic assessments will unlock the secrets of your personal physiology and determine why you body currently doesn’t function well in certain areas, and how to make it perform better in all areas.

Utilizing a comprehensive exercise and nutrition program based on the same Periodization Training Principles used to develop the world’s best athletes, we will teach you when and how to exercise properly, when to rest and recover and how to do it most effectively. Our Registered Dietitians will teach you when and what to eat, and in proper portions to fuel you life for optimum performance. We will show the proper form for strength and stretching exercises and the proper techniques and mechanics for walking, hiking, running, swimming, biking, tennis, golf and nearly all sports and activities, so your life style change will be permanent and long lasting.

We help you develop realistic goals and then work with you to achieve them. Phase IV is ready to accompany you, on this, truly life altering journey.

We will help you choose the right equipment, from shoes, to bikes, to clubs and racquets. As Physical Therapists, we have the expertise to design and execute safe, effective and sustainable fitness programs aimed to achieve the goals identified by you, your physician and through our clinical assessments. Whether it is physical injury, impairment or simply a lack of motivation keeping you from maintaining previous exercise programs, Phase IV has the capability and experience to design an exercise and nutritional program empowering you to achieve your health goals – and stick with it forever!

Proper nutrition is vital to good health, and essential to enhancing the active lifestyle you desire. Phase IV wants you to be the healthiest you can be by making the foods you eat work to positively affect your health and fitness. The nutrients we deliver through food are our bodies’ building blocks…but which are the best foods to eat, and when?

When you visit any bookstore you will find shelves full of different diet ideologies. At Phase IV, Registered Dietitians will provide the right answers based on YOUR personal physiology. We have deep expertise in managing the intricate interactions between your diet, work schedule, age, medication, genetics, possible disease, exercise regiment, etc. Translating and applying scientifically accurate solutions to your nutritional needs is imperative to reaching your lifestyle goals.

Whether you are looking for foods to fuel your training, or how to lose weight, our role at Phase IV is simplification. We decipher the science to help you determine what is most essential and suitable to your needs. Then, we translate this knowledge into a practical, and strategic plan easily incorporated into your lifestyle.