Pro Athlete Training

Understanding the needs of the professional athlete is central in the Phase IV Professional Athlete Program. The total commitment to performance and knowing what it takes to win permeates the Phase IV comprehensive approach. Today’s pro athlete needs not only work hard, they work smart utilizing science in the pursuit of Fitness and Health to get an edge over the competition. Accurate structural and metabolic assessment of fitness, injury factors, nutritional needs and skill execution all play a significant role in the Phase IV evaluation process.

At Phase IV Health & Performance Center, Exercise Physiologists conduct state-of-the-science fitness assessments and prescribe accurate heart rate specific training regimes to correct voids in the spectrum of metabolic fitness needed for your sport. Physical Therapists evaluate for joint Pathomechanics to correct and predict and prevent where future injury may strike. Registered Dietitians evaluate and fine tune high-octane nutritional regimes to power your performance towards victory. Biomechanical experts and some of the world’s best technique coaches utilize DartfishTM computer video analysis to diagnosis and correct faulty technique in your sport specific movements.

Together, your Phase IV performance team will work with you to set up a yearly plan of Periodization training and diet to match the requirements of your sport, all season long. You will be educated in proper strength development and stretching regime, warm up, cool down and aggressive recovery techniques. You will gain the knowledge of when to workout, when to rest and recover and how to eat to excel in your sport. In short, you will learn to utilize science to improve performance, avoid injury and preserve your body in a comprehensive program aimed to extend your career and earnings.

Long History of Getting Pros to the Podium

Robert Forster, PT has worked with Professional Athletes for his entire career, spanning 26 years. His early work at Centinela Hospital and with The Kerlan Jobe Orthopedic Group put him in rehab programs for professional athlete within months of completing his Physical Therapy Training and Education. Over the years, Forster has worked closely with the most successful Olympic and Professional Sport coaches in the world, and they have come to rely on his expertise and insight to solve the most difficult injuries and performance problems.

Working with Coach Bob Kersee and his professional Track and Field team, Forster has helped athletes such as Jackie Joyner Kersee, Florence “Flo-Jo” Joyner, Greg Foster, Allyson Felix, Andre Phillips and their teammates to win 32 Olympic Medals and set numerous world records over the last six Olympic Games.

Forster has been the “go-to-guy” for stubborn injuries over the years for professional Ironman world record holders, tennis players, Pete Sampras and Maria Sharapova, basketball phenoms Kobe Bryant, Corey Maggette and Byron Scott, among others.

In each instance, Forster conducted a comprehensive evaluation of all factors impacting performance and injury. Drawing on his vast experience and Phase IV’s Scientific Assessment Technologies, he quickly zeroed in on the problem finding the correct and timely resolution.

Forster’s “Event Coverage” programs have helped athletes win Olympic Medals and Grand Slam Championships providing on-site services at major events. In fact, Forster innovated the on-site Athlete Complete Support Programs practiced today on fields and in stadiums around the world. Forster and his team execute the most advanced recovery and rehabilitation techniques for a single athlete, or an entire team, focused solely on getting athletes on the podium.