Scientific Training

Phase IV has a successful history of helping motivated athletes of all abilities and ages, in all sports, attain their performance goals, and do it injury free. Our programs have been utilized for 25 years to help create dozens of Olympic gold medalists, NBA champions, Ironman world record holders, Wimbledon and US Open champions. In the process numerous world records have been set. At Phase IV you will find a highly credentialed and experienced team of performance specialists who will accompany you on your journey of personal accomplishment.

At Phase IV, Physical Therapists design and execute your tailored strength and flexibility program, Exercise Physiologists determine accurate heart rate training zones to peak your fitness and avoid overtraining, Registered Dieticians fine tune your nutritional support systems to fuel you for success, and Licensed Coaches help to improve technique. By working together under one roof, all of your performance specialists are focused on your success.

Whether it’s been injury, unfocused training or poor nutrition keeping you from attaining your athletic goals, Phase IV uses science to analyze your personal physiology and unlock the secrets that will lead to your ability to achieve.

Our philosophy and expertise is rooted in science. We utilize scientific evaluation techniques, state-of-the-science training methods, and proven nutritional guidance to provide answers based on facts, not opinions or fads. The Phase IV philosophy and process has turned 10k runners into marathoners, hikers into adventure racers, and swimmers into Ironman triathletes. We’re passionate about helping people achieve their personal goals in life, and we can do the same for you.

Adding to our credentials, Phase IV’s experts have been appointed the Strength and Conditioning Coaches for Bob Kersee’s Olympic Athlete Program, Pepperdine University Track and Field and Cross Country teams as well as Santa Monica High School’s Wrestling, State Champion Boy’s Soccer, and Volleyball teams.