Endurance Sports

Phase IV Scientific Health and Performance Center has worked with Endurance athletes more than any other type of athlete, and is home to some of the most accomplished runners, cyclists, triathletes and adventure racers in the world. We have worked with mountain bike state champions, Ironman World Champions and have made thousands of beginner athletes into competitors.

Phase IV Physical Therapists understand the biomechanical needs of these repetitious sports and their impact on bones, tendons, and joints. We design joint stability programs to optimize your efficiency, strength programs to improve your power-to-body-weight-ratio for improved performance and flexibility routines optimizing your technique, and protecting against injury.

Phase IV Exercise Physiologists know how to build the aerobic engine. Utilizing the most advanced and reliable fitness testing methods, we determine which energy systems are efficient and where in the spectrum of energy production improvement is needed in order for you to reach your goals. We provide accurate heart rate and/or power related training zones to reengineer your physiology.

Phase IV Licensed Coaches include World Record holders, World Champions, and scientifically trained Sports Performance Specialists who understand the obstacles in the path to your success. They utilize the comprehensive body of Phase IV scientific analysis to arrive at the perfect training solutions for your personal physiology experience and desired outcomes.

Our Registered Dietician holds a Dual Master’s degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition and understands the complex interplay of diet and exercise. Utilizing your results from the Phase IV Metabolic Fitness Assessments we develop accurately targeted hear rate training zones to shift your metabolism to use fats more effectively, having a profound impact on body composition, weight loss and performance. Phase IV programs fuel your body for great training and competitions.